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New Products

Swiss Line

Carmex is introducing a new line of inserts and toolholders,

developed for automatic lathes and Swiss Type machines.

Designed for economic parting, grooving, profiling and

chamfering mass production.

Page: 115

Mill - Thread


Vertical Mill - Thread

Pages: 173-197

Spiral multi flute inserts

CMT multi inserts milling cutters

Carmex has designed a unique line of solid carbide

thread milling tools FMT for increased productivity, and high performance.

Large number of flutes achieve significant shorter machining time.

Page: 216


Spiral fluted toolholders hold 1 to 3 inserts.

Comparatively small cutting diameters.

Toolholders with internal coolant bore.

Smooth cutting operation at a high feed rate.

Reduced machining time.

Spiral design reduces vibrations and chatter.

High grade surface finish.

Pages: 161-170

Mini Spiral Mill - Thread

Page: 229

The new DMTH tools expand the range of the

existing DMT line providing the ability to cut steels, hardened materials,

stainless steels and super alloys.


Mini Chamfer - 150


Page: 262

Optimal for deburring, back chamfering and grooving

Double side cutting

Spiral flutes allows smooth cutting action

General purpose for all materials

Groove Milling

Page: 258

With internal coolant through the flutes

Same tool for Internal and External Grooving